BMWi Vision Circular
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BMWi Vision Circular

Sustainable Luxury

BMWi Vision Circular was shown at IAA Mobility in Munich 2021.This fully electric BMW flawlessly weaves innovation and luxury throughout.

Our focus when designing this concept car was to show that on a small footprint its possible to create a luxerious vehicle with a sustainble and circular approach. We were considering the production and manufacturing process, assembly, disassembly, materials, upcycling, recycling and reducing unnecessary parts. Circular design embraces the four principles of RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE and RE:CYCLE.

The interior have an amazing 3D printed crystal elements integrated in the wooden dashboard with organic, nerve-like structures animate the modern interior by producing a very special effect. With your hand placed close to the crystal you can use your hand gestures to interact with the car. These elements can also be found in the doors.

The extra ordinary seats are very non-automotive reminding of something you can find in a boutiqe hotel. Using sustainable and upcycled fabrics with innovative ways to attach the materials to the structure creates a very unique look.

In the rearseat we have a reading lamp which can be controlled and dimmed with the same upcycled parts which belongs to an BMW iX. The roof can be closed with a moir√© effect to block sunlight. 

My colleague Chris Lee, who was the lead designer, made the frontseats, dashboard and details.

Press sketches