BMWi Vision Dee

BMW i Vision Dee

Ultimate Companion

This is BMWi Vision Dee. It has been shown at CES in Las Vegas 2023 Its a fully functional vision vehicle representing the 3rd milestone of the road to Neue Klasse and its loaded with new amazing technology. Dee underlines the increasing important bond between human and machine.

In the interior we designed it in same approach as the exterior, reduced to the bare essentials, but still keeping it neat, sporty and premium, to be able to stage and highlight the digital experience.

At our windscreen we have our new full pillar to pillar Head Up Display which allow us to reduce the amount of displays to zero.

The immersive content which are displayed on the windscreen and side windows, allows you to smoothly merge and interact - between no content, to augmented- and finally into a virtual reality world in 5 steps with the Mixed Reality Slider. This will amplify and take the driving experience to the next level.

The colours and nice materials are all 100% recyclable polyester. Just like we did it on the previous concept car Vision Circular. No leather or chrome are used.

I also got support by my colleagues Simon Kafmann who helped out with details and Tatu Henell who did a great job in the initial phase of the project.

Hello world

Press sketches